L'allée, 33x41 cm
Private Collection 

Colline provençale, 35x47 cm
Private Collection

The salon in heat, 65x81 cm
Private collection 

In the The Salon in heat (1948), an "apparently Fauvist" painting from its technical identity, two abstract paintings appear on the walls of this salon, itself painted.

Semiological study readily shows that the abstract Art thus represented is indisputably subjected to the "Fauvist" image, itself dominated by the realization of the pictorial whole, that is to say by the painting alone on a defined surface : The Salon in heat, a synthesis of two irreconcilable conceptions which are, however, completely mastered.

When Yatridès, in his first tabula rasa, abandons abstract Art in 1951 it is because he has abstracted its very definition ( Abstraction: Without referent in the known world ).

The term "abstract expressionism" would perfectly suit this canvas, if this qualifier had not later been accorded to artists such as Willem de Kooning. Let us note in passing that in creating this work, Yatridès was clearly indicating his intention to renounce this still-born path by denouncing his purely decorative direction.


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