Nu au sèche cheveux, 65x81 cm, 1959
Collection particuliére

Some works of 1957 - 1967

During the period of his exclusive rights' contracts, from 1956 onwards, with Samuel E. JOHNSON, biggest art dealer of his generation, YATRIDES ' significant studies realized with mineral pigments, resins and water, more than 140, took pride of place among the most significant preeminent Private Collections, notably in North and South America, who lent his work to Artistic Events organized by the pre-eminent Schools of Painting. It must be stressed that these collections do not relinquish their artistic patrimony unless under conditions that enhance their prestige.

More than for hundred and fifty (around 450) are oils on canvas (about 360 sold in Europe, the rest being in Yatrides' possession). Plus approximately eighty (80) distempers/canvas and some rare 'a tempera'/canvas. Considering the 140 paintings selected by JOHNSON, the entire realization of Yatrides is around six hundred and seventy (670) paintings created.

Concerto n°3 Prokofief, 104x48 cm
Collection particulière

Le petit port a la plaque, 1965
Samuel E. Johnson Collection

It is important to note that Auctioneers description of Yatrides' paintings, bought by JOHNSON, were presented as oils during their sales. They are Watercolours. These false descriptions could intend to abuse the not informed modest collectors, and more to manipulate the art market. This fact, in despite the quality of the painting chosen by JOHNSON, do them harm and finally detriment to Private collections.

These works were carried out between 1957 and 1963. Certain other watercolours date from outside this period, more precisely from 1954 to 1966 plus some ''A tempera'' and distempers on canvasses until 1972.
Dream and young woman, 81x116 cm, 1967
Collection privée 

La jeune femme turque
au masque

94 x 43 cm, 1960

Be it a question of Studies in watercolour, or oil paintings, his work is technically recognizable even after reproduction, by notably, the line carved into the paste. This line is not a final facile mark on the surface: at least 2 millimetres deep, it is the drawing itself, etched into the very weave of the canvas.


Together with his monographic exhibitions in the United States and Europe with monographic catalogues, one must take account of the Schools of painting's exhibitions; important artistic events organized in the United States thanks to works lent by influential Private Collections, such as:

Still life for a telephone
65 x 92 cm, 1960

92x65 cm, 1962

Drawing and Watercolors of the French School 1900-1959 
Contempory French Masters 1958 
Masters of Modern Art 1910-1960 -Special Mention in
Cubist, Post-Impressionist, Expressionist and Surrealist Schools 
Specialist in XXth Century Masters -Special Mention in
Collector's choice 1965

Artistic events following the one organized by the United States Embassy in Paris "From Clouet to Matisse - American Collections" (Winter 1958-1959 Musée de l'Orangerie).

Nude in a life
60x92 cm, 1962

pre american period

Volets ouverts sur le petit salon
oil on canvas, 73 x 92 cm

73x92 cm, 1958

américan later period

Vibration Essentielle
oil on canvas, 97 x 130 cm

A street in the night
73x50 cm, 1961


Englsh translation by Penelope Hamilton
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yatridès and his century)

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Full-length films : Yatrides' work has fascinated film-makers, movie-directors, semiologists, among the best of our time :
Jean Delannoy and Marcel Carné famed french movie Directors, film-Makers. But given the state of his health and his circumstances, Yatridès will be unable to take a decision about their proposals. After 1968, Arthur c. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick will show in their full-length film the metaphysical amplitude of the monoliths Yatridès plates. Yatrides did not claim any intellectual property rights on the substance and form, arguments of this film that marked our time. See this site, in his "life": "entourage". In his "work": "Plates of Yatridès" and "the interstellar icons." 
Yatrides -Kubrick : the interstellar Yatridès plates, substance and driving force of "2001: Space Odyssey". See "His work": "Yatridès-Kubrick". 
Miles Millar : Present days : "Georges YATRIDES is the apotheosis of a Master in terms of artistry (...) His body of work is ethereal, not only aesthetically, but in his innate ability to harness the metaphysical aspect of our nature. He is an absolute in the incessant redefining and evolving anatomy of contemporary art and a gift to all of us. The power of this man's vision is everlasting (...) I was enraptured by the dexterity of his mind (...). Georges Yatrides' work is awe-inspiring and rightfully deserves the position it will take in our collective history, he is a true craftsman of the intangible" : Miles MILLAR, February 17, 2009