From 1985 to our Days

Apodictic synthesis 1945-2011

Period marking the importance of mastery of the trait, the source of all sciences and finding an independent light.
 They demonstrate the coherence of his work from its beginning in 1945 until its apodictic period 1977/1988.

Cette synthèse comprend deux périodes : Synthesis first and synthesis last 

Synthesis first

Léda and the duck

The new rolls sequence

Le mur à la pasteque

The cornfield of the blue portrait

"Apodictic" period (from Greek ' appropriate to convince ') term attributed to its work by one 
Pre-eminent private collections so defining a new indisputable School.

plan 2 des corps dans 
le portrait bleu

Fin d un temps,
stethoscope, le soleil et l'oiseau

La barque au monolithe dans le soleil mourrant


Concerning all the periods, from the begenniong of Yatrides work,
false and clumsy copies appear on the Web, listed in O.C.B.C. Central Office of Cultural Heritage.
This harms preeminent private collections that can not be neglected, but mostly modest
Collectors whose works Yatridès are their only patrimony acquired with difficulty.

This latter period is itself secured by specific certified qualifications