His own Apodictic School  (1972/83-1985/87)

Yatridès is the first painter who takes up this challenge without recourse to the artifices so abused by the surrealists to achieve distancing effects; dream-like states, mirroring devices (mise en abyme), curtains".[Le Combat][Le Mur]
"The painter as observer, and observed by himself while observing, he upsets the conventions".

Some works of this period
Private Collections

Biblical Bread
60x92 cm, 1973


Cosmic living Bread
81x100 cm, 1978

At dawn offering
81x65 cm, 1978

The outcome of laws
81x116 cm, 1981

Vibration Essentielle
97x130 cm, 1982

La Bataille de Jacob avec l'Ange (Le combat)
80x130 cm, 1982

La Bataille de Jacob avec 
l'Ange (Le mur)
89x116 cm, 1982

La Bataille de Jacob avec l'Ange (L'Aube)
97x146 cm, 1982

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Official Authorities : "Administrative biography" 

Arthur Conte : "Yatridès master of time" SGL 04.03.1991 
Sacha Bourmeyster : "Yatridès and his century" , "Yatridès the painter of the invisible reality" , "Yatridès, l'anti-Picasso" SGL 24.03.1994 
"The Interstellars Icons" SGL 31.03.1994 - "Yatridès and the Bible" SGL 30.10.96
Monographic catalogues 1954-1993 : Exhibitions and Retrospectives Yatridès
Monographic catalogues : "International Biennials art festivals" Canada-France from 1987 to 1993 (Great Master guest of honour -Grand Maître invité d'honneur)
Events, Schools of painting 1900-1959, 1910-1960, 1910-1965 : USA Events achievment held with works, of which Yatridès's paintings, lent by US important prominent Private Collections of the United States. Details in "Bibliography" (yatrides.com")
Films, Videos, University theses : Yatridès's work has fascinated film-makers, movie-directors, semiologists, among the best of our time. 
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