The Kingdom of God 73x92 cm, 1978
Private collection

The imaginary no longer reveals itself here in accordance with familiar clichés, enshrined by tradition. Threatening clouds no longer evoke gigantic cosmic battles between heavenly horsemen, but, possibly, cosmic vessels immobilised in space.The basic elements, natural constituents of the living world have disappeared:
Water has frozen into a mirror which no longer sends back reflections.
Fire has left no trace of its past actions save the fearsome lava flows bordering an area become desert.
Earth itself has become a glass-like surface.

The exhaustion of natural resources brought about through intensive human industry ?  Evidence of an ecological catastrophe? Devastation resulting from a nuclear war? It is left to the onlooker himself to decide on an explanation, if, in this case, explanation there be. For the cataclysm dealt with in YATRIDES' painting is the product of a different schema.
For us in turn to discover this "Third abode", to recognize it as our own, will not make us, under the pretext of an esoteric initiation, victims of a mystification. YATRIDES ' canvases are neither wild fantasizings born of the imagination of a science-fiction writer, nor the symbolic illustrations of a philosophical Idea, nor the transmission of a message or a new gospel through the medium of painting. He produces compositions in which we can recognize ourselves.

YATRIDES was the first to recognize himself therein, because he immediately peopled the space with human creatures who resembled him ; doubles or clones, who like him question, call out, gesticulate or stop, transfixed by an unexpected revelation. So many stances irreconcilable with visible reality, but legitimate in this third abode, this private place favourable to questions elsewhere forbidden.

Whether they are seeking a truth, as in 'Remain Vigilant', or in possession of a Knowledge, as in the 'Kingdom of God', it is the eyes of these beings that strike us first. Are they the eyes of the blind? Certainly not, for the facial expression bears witness to a vibrant inner life. These eyes are no longer designed to see exterior objects, because there is nothing left to see. They have been freed from the fascination exerted upon us by the outer spectacle, the unending stream of appearances.

They are henceforth turned towards this invisible reality that escapes those who do not want to see and do not want to hear.

Arcades or Tent of God 73x100 cm, 1978 
Private collection


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