Man with Cloth 100x 73 cm, 1982
Particular collection France

"The Fulfilment of the Laws" 1981 (see reproduction next page) : 

"Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish, but to fulfil" (Matthew 5, 17).
This canvas is part of a new series which it was not possible therefore to include in the exhibition devoted to his works in 1981, in the Sacré-Coeur. chronologically it should appear after : 

"The Egrégore of the Future" (1982) *,  "Man with Cloth" (1982), "The Ultimate Unity" (1982) *,  and before "Essential Vibration" (1982). But with YATRIDES, creation respects neither order, nor logic, nor chronology. However, as we contemplate these canvases in turn, we are certainly witnessing the building-up, in the musical sense of the term, of a tension, an anguish.

The familiar and almost unchanging setting of the third abode (the glass-like beach, the horizon bordered by lava flows, the cloud which hangs over them) is shot through with irresistible lines of force that shoot out from the central figure. A fantastic concentration of energy immobilizes him in a state of tension that has nothing in common with the uncoordinated gestures or the serene stances adopted by the beings of the preceding decade.

"The Egrégore of the Future" *   is, in some ways, the herald of a new phase, as was in its time, "Christ, Leica and Orange" *. For the Rosicrucians, the Egrégore constitutes a living and continuous hierarchy between the visible and the invisible reality. The deep sleep that has apparently overtaken the curled-up figure in the foreground of the painting is only a seeming one. In its spiritual quest, within the THIRD ABODE, there could be no interruption known between the visible and invisible reality.

(*) Reproductions in this chapter, the pages before.

The Center or Time Revealed 60x73 cm, 1962 
Private collection


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