• "Drawing and watercolors of the French School 1900-1959"
  • "Contemporary French Masters"
  • "Masters of Modern art 1910-1960" -Special Mention in "Cubist, post-impressionist, Expressionist and Surrealist Schools"
  • "Specialist in XXth Century Masters" -Special Mention in "Collector's choice 1965"


  • Salon Comparaison : France-Japon, Paris 1982: - Eighth anniversary - Grand Palais des Champs Elysées.


XIth Salon de Montmorency residential city 1981 - Grand Prix hors concours.
XIIIth Salon de Montmorency 1983 - Guest of Honour.
International Biennial France-Canada 1987-1989-1991 - Master Guest of Honour.
International Biennial Canada-France 1988 - Great Master Guest.
XXXIIIth Salon de Montargis 1988- Guest of Honour.
International Biennial Vichy-Riom-Mosac Dukes' cities 1991-1993- Main Master Guest


Vichy 1954 - Galerie du Parc. 
Paris 1956 - Galerie des Voyelles, Saint Germain des Prés. 
Chicago 1959 - International Galleries. 
Palm Beach 1963 - Juarez Galleries. 
USA exhibitions in each great city USA Permanent exhibitions - International Galleries
Paris 1975 - Galeries Jean-Charles Lignel. 
Nice 1976 - Palais des congrès. 
Corenc, Château de la Condamine 1979 - Retrospective Paintings and Drawings 1945-1978. 
Paris, Sacré-Coeur Montmartre 1981 - Exceptional monographic extension.
Meylan, Château de la Condamine 1984 - Iconographic metallograms, stained-glass.


International Galleries, Samuel E. Johnson. Prestigious Exhibitions in the U.S.A. and acquisition of his works by important Private Collections in each city in the United States. International representation from 1957 onwards. His paintings are acquired by pre-eminent private collections, mainly after USA, in Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Greece and Switzerland.

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See in this website "His life" : "Entourage" in which appear "Jean DELANNOY", "Marcel CARNE" 
French famed movie Directors, film-Makers 
and in "His work" : YATRIDES-KUBRICK