The appearance of the flying slabs - clearly anti-gravitational, from the end of the fifties, introduces the strange into the basically well-ordered universe of"YATRIDES, painter outside the tumult", as René CHAR had described him.

The Spirit beginneth to blow, there where already reigned a Light with neither source nor cast shadow.

The figures introduced by YATRIDES into this invisible reality are deep in thought, about to be transfixed by the Revelation or dazed by their inability to grasp the meaning of the phenomenon they are witnessing. The strange now dwells within them. In them, and not in he who looks at the painting and longs to enter it, having found his bearings in the third abode proposed to him.

This inner space legitimizes the deeply rooted need within us all to ask essential questions, those which, in his own way, GAUGUIN would ask having taken refuge in Tahiti : What are we ? From whence do we come ? Where are we going ?
"Remain Vigilant" 73x92 cm, 1973 
John: Apocalypse
Private collection

Positivist science from the last century onwards was refusing to answer non-scientific questions such as: does GOD exist ?  Is the soul immortal ?  Does man have free will ?  What is the meaning of the universe ?  Through its vain endeavours to take up the challenge, Art, that is to say, academic painting, was discrediting itself and straying into mannerism and decadentism. The figurative avant-garde at the beginning of this century would focus on depicting the object, however trivial, glorifying its appearance and seeking out its quiddity. The champions of abstract art would heroically withdraw into silence, retreat into the "Desert" like the anchorites of early Christian times. For a long while they rejected any compromise with the ideologies of the age or with its mercenary attitudes, an untenable position in the end. Our materialistic and pragmatic society has finally caught up with them!

The right to ask forbidden and unwonted questions, or rather to contemplate their depiction is one possibility offered byYATRIDES '  works. Does this right imply that there is an answer ?

The presence of the slabs is the first step towards an answer. Indecipherable, inaccessible, they are nevertheless present, visible to those who pursue them. They embody a Hope, a certainty sustained by faith in the existence of Laws and their Fulfillment.

Le poisson au pilier 65x81 cm, 1981
Private collection


Anticipation of the YATRIDES' slabs-monoliths from 1957, driving force and argument
of "2001 : a space odyssée" (1968). YATRIDES' indeniable paternity appears 
in many of his works: some of them are exhibited on Yatridès-Kubrick.

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