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Title work of Arthur Conte "Yatridès Master of time"; Historian of the 5th Republic, Minister, Chairman and managing director of the initial French TV 1972 - 1973 (ORTF) under George Pompidou presidency, advocated for this important load by Charles De Gaulle during the end of his mandate.
The major part of this site includes Alexander Bourmeyster' studies and extracts of systemic analyses, devoted to the work of George Yatrides in particular  "Yatridès and his century", "Anti Picasso", "Yatridès and the Bible", "Interstellar Icons". For the first time, after the Russian formalism of origin with Boris Eichenbaum
and Vladimir Toporov until Algirdas Julien GreimasBourmeyster conceives an innovating semeiological method for the act of pictorial creation on the substance and form. He amplifies and develops the narrative semiotics in a new structural model in which an 'actancial' schema paradoxically allows the presence of a prominent actor in a pictorial work. Yatridès, actor who is the proper creator of the pictorial realization which becomes thus, after his two residences : "nature and home", a third one : his essential residence, 

that of real independent outside identification, “the third abode of man”. 
Accession at the ultimate horizon of intrinsic reality


Born in France on the 5th of March 1931, to parents of Graeco-American origins, Georges Yatridès has remained faithful to his birthplace. It is there that he has composed the greater part of his work, it is to there he returns after his odysseys throughout the world. Considered from the sixties onwards as the undisputed leader in the field of graphic art, Georges Yatridès is restoring to painting the place it has lost during a century of provocations, scandals and "revolutions". Georges Yatridès wants to use pictorial means alone.

The pictorial subject matter produced by Yatridès is an entirely original creation which has neither model nor reference in the natural world. The representational drawing and the subject treated must not give rise to misunderstanding: a work by Yatridès is literally an abstract canvas covered with areas delimited by a firm outline, and treated in an autonomous manner so as to explore to the maximum inside each one, the various possibilities offered by a pictorial technique carried to its highest point.

Georges Yatrides
Essential Vibration ( The Experience, Final Phase ) 1982
97x130 cm
Private collection 

The disaster that Yatridès the painter has lived through and overcome is the disappearance without any possible return of traditional painting, the destruction of all the signs, of all the points of reference which had allowed men, for centuries, to communicate by means of pictorial representation. Alexander Bourmeyster Full Professor teacher in Russian civilization. Semiologist

With Yatridès, we are touching here on a style of painting that no longer corresponds to the writing styles to which we had, in turn, been accustomed by the representationalists, the impressionists, the Fauvists, the cubists or the abstract painters, a style of painting that lends itself to a different kind of reading. Alexander Bourmeyster : "Yatridès and his century", "The Anti Picasso" extracts.

The general public is unaware of his work, the greater part of which is dispersed throughout America and the rest of the world, ranked first among the greatest Private Collections. The time has come to make known and to introduce to this public, via Internet, the most representative view possible of a pictorial work which is certainly one of the most important of our century.

Georges Yatridès
Adolescent and child 1963,
 100 x 81 cm
Private collection France

1957 1st First apparition of the Yatrides' slabs and then his "Interstellars Icons" (1959 to 1965).This is this same slab that KUBRICK and CLARKE used 5 years later in 1968 since catalogs were published in USA, but 11 years if we consider the paintings sent in USA since 1957 and exhibited in public galleries.

YATRIDES' monoliths icons, are the argument and driving force in the cinematic triumph "2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY". Ex : "The child on the steps turns away from us to watch a thin slab passing through the sky overhead. Elongated and quite simple in form, this slab contains all genetic machinery, all knowledge, all prophecy, the ideal promise of all enlightenment".Through this symbol. great cosmic visions have been attained". Arthur CONTE'' extracts.

[ Yatridès-Clarke-Kubrick ] Alexandre Bourmeyster extracts, professor in Russian civilization, semiologist : "Interstellars Icons", "Yatridès 1960-Clarke and Kubrick 1968","Yatrides and the Bible", "Yatridès and his century the anti Picasso". Most great Universities analysed the primacy of Yatrides' slabs monoliths, his "Interstellar Icons". Yatridès never claimed his paternity rights.

'The art of Yatridès presents a "point of view". Within the limits of his point of view, however,Yatridès has found unlimited horizons for his artistic expression. Showing a notable ability in his drawings as well as his paintings; outstanding for his feeling for graphism as well as his feeling for color ; painter of figures, still lifes and landscapes - Yatridès has found within himself the talent and the inspiration necessary to present a complete artistic world.

The dominant factor which thus characterizes the art of Georges Yatridès is the painter's utter and pure individuality. At this point where some of the most highly touted artistic names of a few years ago are now falling in prestige, the position of Yatridès in the contemporary French School of Painting is strong and steadily growing stronger. The significance of Georges Yatridès is evident in this exhibition which is the most important showing of his works ever presented in Europe or America.

Director, International Galleries


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Extracts from following documents and works : 
Official French Authorities : Government administrative Yatrides' biography" 

Arthur Conte : "Yatridès master of time" SGDL 04.03.1991 
Sacha Bourmeyster : "Yatridès and his century" , "Yatridès the painter of invisible reality" , "Yatridès anti-Picasso"SGDL24.03.1994, "Interstellars Icons" SGDL 31.03.1994, "Yatridès and the Bible" SGDL 30.10.96
Samuel E. Johnson : Biographic notes (International Galleries USA)
Monographic catalogues, Yatridès 1954-1993 : Exhibitions (USA permanently, Latin America, Switzerland, Greece, Paris, Provincial France) and Rétrospectives
Monographic catalogues, Yatridès in International Art Festivals :"Great Master Guest of honour" ("International Biennials Canada-France 1987-1989"), "Main Master Guest of honour" ("International Biennials Canada 1988"), "Great Master Guest of Honour" ("International Biennials Vichy, Riom Mozac (Duke's cities), Quebec 1991-1993"), Grand Maître invité d'Honneur
Monographic catalogues, Yatridès : "Main Master guest of Honour" (France, specially Montmorency residential City)
Schools of Painting Events, USA : "Masters of Modern Art 1910-1960" (Special mention in "Watercolors, Gouaches, Pastels and Drawings from the Cubist, Post-Impressionist, Expressionist and Surrealist Schools 1910-1960"), "Drawings and Watercolors 1900-1959" (Art Event following this held by the American Ambassy in Paris (Musée de l'Orangerie, winter 1958-1959 : "From Clouet to Matisse" - Drawings in American Private Collections"), "Specialists in XXth Century Masters" (Special mention in "Collector's Choice").
University theses "The painter outside the tumult" (Sciences et Télécommunications Masters', MSTC Universities Grenoble III 1981), "Public Relations and communications techniques in the service of Painting -Yatridès" (Lehodey-Dissertation mémoire 402 pages, 1983 - School of Press Attachés, Founder and Managing director : Denis Huismans)
Films et videos : "Yatridès, paintings rails of sky" (Sacré-Coeur Montmartre Paris, Provideo S.A. 1981), "Yatridès the painter outside the tumult" ("René Char" Provideo S.A. 1983), " Yatridès' Art" (Version Originale S.A. 1985), "Germany, Poland, Russia" 1984.
Full-length films : Yatrides' work has fascinated film-makers, movie-directors, semiologists, among the best of our time :
Jean Delannoy and Marcel Carné famed french movie Directors, film-Makers. But given the state of his health and circumstances, Yatridès will be unable to take a decision about their proposals. After 1968, Arthur c. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick will show in their full-length film the metaphysical amplitude of the Yatridès monoliths plates. Yatrides did not claim any intellectual property rights on the substance and form, arguments of this film that marked our time. See this site, in his "life": "entourage". In his "work": "Plates of Yatridès" and "the interstellar icons." 
Yatrides -Kubrick : the interstellar Yatridès plates, substance and driving force of "2001: Space Odyssey". See "His work": "Yatridès-Kubrick". 
Miles Millar : Present days : "Georges YATRIDES is the apotheosis of a Master in terms of artistry (...) His body of work is ethereal, not only aesthetically, but in his innate ability to harness the metaphysical aspect of our nature. He is an absolute in the incessant redefining and evolving anatomy of contemporary art and a gift to all of us. The power of this man's vision is everlasting (...) I was enraptured by the dexterity of his mind (...). Georges Yatrides' work is awe-inspiring and rightfully deserves the position it will take in our collective history, he is a true craftsman of the intangible" : Miles MILLAR, February 17, 2009