"The paternal Grandfather, an Christian Orthodox Deacon, exercises his pastorate within a Greek community in Rock Springs, Wyoming. The father, a dilettante student at 30, founds in France a Champagne company. The Maternal Grandfather, a renowned lawyer named Kyrillopoulos (descendant of the Seigneur), comes from Sparta, the maternal Grandmother, Paraskevi, is from Smyrna. The mother, aged 16 at Georges' birth, an angel of beauty and devotion, looks after the house. The maternal uncle, Homer, will become a dental surgeon. One of the two maternal aunts, Denise, will marry Jean-Louis Montandon de la Brévine, a very cultivated and excellent musician, the other, Despina, will marry Edouard who dies from typhoid seven weeks after their marriage at the age of 21. Despina, in keeping with her promise will not remarry and secures Georges' first proper studio. His wife Florence, born Pozzo di Borgo, will bring him all that a woman can, as contrast to the hurly-burly of the world of painting; selflessness, confidence and serenity".

"Georges Yatridès will thus be born into a family who, under the kindly and exceedingly warm-hearted governance of the Grandmother, are all engaged in their respective activities. Amidst a civilization dominated by the masses and by passivity, he will preserve the pride and the nobility of this increasingly rare being - the man apart... but for all that, in true and intense communion with the broadest mass of humanity. An artist of genius, he is the creator of time and space in the most potent sense of the definition".

(Arthur Conte "Yatridès master of time")
Arthur Conte, official Historian, Minister, Chairman-Director of ORTF (French Former Broadcasting corporation) during Charles De Gaulle's Presidence Fifth Republic.


The father-in-law (second Father) of Yatridès, Louis Pannier, at that time French Vice-Consul in Greece and visiting France, is concerned about his future and consults Jean Leymarie, curator of the art gallery in Grenoble: "He is a colourist in the tradition of the Soutines" (Jean Leymarie1949). The latter, who will later be known internationally for his works on Impressionism, and in particular on Van Gogh, enlightens Yatridès about his own explorations and will be wise enough not to influence him in his ambition.


Gains the friendship of Armand Drouant a well-known art dealer, renowned successor of Ambroise Vollard, author of "Dialogues sur la peinture" (Dialogues on Painting), director of "l'Information Artistique" and of the gallery Drouant-David, Faubourg Saint-Honoré. In 1954, in his residence Massouri in Villefranche-sur-Ner, he endorses Yatridès' prospects of an extraordinary career.

Fifty new paintings mark the start of it.

"You have prescience of art. You should succeed in this career " .

Armand Drouant, Villefranche-sur-Mer (1954)


In January 1956, in the absence of Drouant, who should have returned from New York and with whom he had an appointment, Drouant's partner David announces: "We have got Buffet and it is not true that he took his line from Carzou. Get rid of your line, concentrate on colour and you can stay". Yatridès responds: "My line is not a surface mark reinforcing patches of colour, but is engraved in the paint. synchronizing all the pictorial layers. It is the drawing itself from the inception of the canvas to the final creation. that is to say the realization of the painting".Faced with Yatridès' refusal, David writes him a letter of introduction to De Nacenta and De Masclary, the directors of the Charpentier Gallery, who offer to organize an exhibition for him in the spring. All impatient, Yatridès, helped by one of his loyal friends, Camille Jaubert, owner of the Hotel Laffont, rue Buffault, recovers all of his paintings from the gallery. On leaving the famous gallery in the rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, he canvasses galleries, critics and art revues.

Eventually, Madame Chastenet de Gery, director of the Galerie des Voyelles in Saint Germain des Près, 36 rue des Saints-Pères in the seventh arrondissement, becomes fascinated by Yatridès' work and cancels an exhibition in progress to free her picture rails for him. Enthusiastic critics* attract art dealers from across the Atlantic. Four of the paintings, followed by the entire collection on display are acquired by Samuel E. Johnson.

1956 *Pierre Mornand, Hélios Ilo Trabujo, Anton Urrutia, Bethancourt, Chabanon, Warnod.


Reunion with his Father in Mexico, after a separation of 23 years, which leads him to meet Diego Rivera, one year before the latter's death, famous for his monumental frescos paying tribute to the Mexican Revolution. Diego Rivera, together with José Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros will be among the greatest creators of gigantic frescos adorning the facades of public buildings.

His contentions regarding Picasso and his courage in expressing them aroused a fellow feeling in Yatridès.

Influential connections in common to both men: Armando Ruiz Galindo, Oscar Herner, Piedro Zielan, Juan Montessimos, Doctor Villareal, Guy des Chênes.


The most important art dealer of his time. Director of the International Galleries, organizer of prestigious Retrospectives and Art School Showings, he knew how to preserve the authentic values of the art world. He won a place for Yatridès' paintings in the first rank of the most important Private Collections in the major cities, notably in the U.S.A., Canada, Latin America, Great Britain and Switzerland. Thus more than 400 of Yatridès' oil paintings are to be found in major Collections and nearly 160 watercolours, monochromes or polychromes in tempera in more modest or speculative Collections..

"The art of Yatridès presents a point of view. Within the limits of his point of view, however, Yatridès has found unlimited horizons for his artistic expression. Outstanding for his feeling for graphism as well as his feeling for color. Painter of figures, still lifes and landscapes, Yatridès has found within himself the talent and the inspiration necessary to present a complete artistic world.
The dominant factor which thus characterizes the art of Yatridès is the painter's utter and pure individuality. At this point where some of the most highly touted artistic names of a few years ago are now falling in prestige, the position of Yatridès in the Contemporary French School of painting is strong and steadily growing stronger. The significance of Georges Yatridès is evident in this exhibition which is the most important showing of his works ever presented in Europe or America."

Samuel E. Johnson
International Galleries
U.S.A. (1959)

After Johnson, Yatridès did not want other gallery directors who were unable to gain the trust he had placed in Samuel E. Johnson.


Respected Latin-American art dealer. In cooperation with the International Galleries in Chicago which make it possible, meeting of Yatridès and Juarez at a big exhibition of his works in one of the latter's galleries. This exhibition takes place in Palm Beach, Florida on the 5th March 1963 - Yatridès' birthday.

"Yatridès has stuck forcefully with the basic principles of Graphism as developed and defined in the years 1948-1952. It has been with a great natural talent and a very particular inspiration from his Greek background combined with his unremitting persistence in delving into and developing the possibilities of the Graphic school that Yatridès finds himself increasingly distinguished from the other artists".

"The importance of Yatridès in the art world is evident alone from the fact that over 300 of his works are now found in U.S. Private Collections".

Gregory Juarez - Palm Beach, Florida (1963)


Paul Perroud, eminent specialist, Doctor of Knowledge Doctor of Philosophy at Berkeley, Director of the Offices for Special Application of Physics at the C.E.N.G. (Grenoble Centre of Atomic Studies).

He puts a team of researchers at Yatridès' disposition. Yatridès demonstrates his theory of a new property of time and its influence in various fields including that of light, like the one stemming from certain incandescent phases of different solid bodies.

Paul Perroud immediately recognized the scientific value of his discoveries and enabled Yatridès to obtain patents delivered by the Washington D.C. Patent office (1974).


Holder of the agrégation in Russian, Philosophy Doctor, Director of the Centre for Contemporary Slavic Studies. Associate of a team at the C.N.R.S. (National Centre for Scientific Research), he developed and extended structuralist methods, notably that of A.J. Greimas' semantics.Film enthusiast, he has in turn been responsible for film societies, the author of studies on Soviet cinema, and critic on the Figaro, notably during the Cannes Festivals.

Painting represents a privileged sphere for him, to the study of which he applies his original method of discursive analysis, and introduces computer science, semiology and rhetoric. The admiration he feels for Yatridès' work has stimulated him, after writing articles and prefaces, to devote all his resources to the composition of the seminal works on his painting: "Georges Yatridès and His Century", and "The Anti-Picasso", and "The Interstellar Icons; Yatridès 1960, A.C. Clarke - Stanley Kubrick 1968", then "Yatridès and The Bible".

"Painter of the invisible reality, Yatridès is the creator of a problematic space that emerges from his aesthetic tabula rasa of the XXth century..."

Professor Alexandre Bourmeyster


Meeting of René Char and Yatridès in the house on l'Isle-sur-Sorgue, July 2nd 1974. In the ensuing hours, a friendship develops between the two men, to be followed by esteem and René Char's comment; an analysis that only the very great poet could make:

"Georges, you are holding back" and then : "Yatridès, painter outside the tumult; you have mastered the Time that lies outside common perception".

Having wounded his hand, Yatridès patiently allows himself to be cared for and comforted by René Char and his faithful spouse.


Yatridès makes a friend of Peter Tarnoff, delegate to the Washington State Department for European Affairs, who introduces him to Jean-Charles Lignel (P.D.G. Progrès of Lyon - Managing Director of Progrès Lyon). The latter organizes an exhibition covered by R.T.L. Radio station (Europe exclusive). Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet acquires a painting. Yatridès, however, does not accept the exclusive contract proposed by Jean-Charles Lignel, despite its attractive terms.

Peter Tarnoff follows with interest Yatridès' research in the early 70's on light and the pyrolytic formation of hydrocarbon molecules at the C.E.N.G.(Grenoble Centre for Nuclear Studies) in his Offices for Special Application of Physics..


Under the patronage of the Mayor of Paris, Jacques Chirac and of Monseigneur Maxime Charles, Chief Palatine Prelate, Rector of the Basilica, three crypts are made available to Yatridès in 1981 for the exhibition of sacred art "The Picture Rails of Heaven" in the Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre. From 1979 onwards, Jacques Mantello will create Metallic Icons made from different metals in monumental iconographic jigsaw puzzles, as well as stained glass works. This interpretation of Yatridès' work is exhibited in the Sacré-Coeur, Montmartre in one of the three crypts, the other two are devoted to Yatridès' paintings.

An extension of 45 days is granted, as an exceptional case, to the "Yatridès" exhibition.

Compliments to Lucia Samaras, cultural Greek delegate


Arthur Conte, minister, president of O.R.T.F. and famous historian. Author of works considered nowadays to be "classics :

"Yalta or The Sharing Out of The World", "Karl Marx and His Era", "Verdun". He wrote "Yatridès Master of Time". It is the first biography ever devoted to a painter during his lifetime, a work of rigorous detail, illustrated with numerous reproductions: "I have written this text about you only to honour our friendship and your genius. This text belongs to you. I have offered it to you unconditionally. May this text simply make better known the great artist that you are!" (Arthur Conte).

Extracts from "Yatridès Master of Time": "Solemn canvases wherein the cult of rites and structure prevails. Sophocles enacted in Delphi. Splendours of a sacrificial temple in Mexico. It is all too true that each work has the perfect unity and filigree elegance of a new Renaissance cathedral". "Everything is carefully weighed up, calculated, worked out: he is not merely skilful, he becomes so skilful that he could at times seem an alchemist... The hand of a magician when he paints.. Unfathomable depth. The passion of a sorcerer. Leonardo did not work with any greater passion in the mobilizing of technical resources".

"The whole work stems from the most sublime inspiration. The finger of God was able to guide the work".


Marcel Carné will have enthralled us by his poetic realism which owes much to his scriptwriter Jacques Prévert : "Drôle de drame" (1937), "Quai des brumes" and "Hôtel du nord" (1938), "Le jour se lève" (1939), "Les Visiteurs du soir" (1942), "Les Enfants du paradis" (1945). Carné, to whom François Mitterand was to personally present the Cross of Commander of the Legion of Honour at the Elysée Palace and would proclaim before all the assembled personalities "...Marcel Carné, the greatest French film-maker of all time!"

He proposes a full-length film to Yatridès to be released internationally, retracing his life as a painter and starring Anthony Quinn, Irene Papas and Fernando Rey.

"A prestigious film with screenplay and dialogues written by Henry-François Rey, an acclaimed writer, recipient of numerous Prizes", the one who was "the best qualified to deal most skilfully with the subject, being very close to artistic circles and, moreover, having complete knowledge of and great estimation for Yatridès" (Jacques Quintard 1986).

Although very honoured, Yatridès' situation at this time obliges him to decline the proposal.


A lifetime devoted to the cinema. At the outset, actor in silent films, then editor at the Paramount where he encounters Fritz Lang. His first important work "Macao, l'enfer du jeu" in 1939 with Eric Von Stroheim. Lasting friendship with Jean Cocteau. More than 45 films follow: "l'Eternel retour" (1943) with Jean Marais and Madeleine Sologne, "La symphonie pastoral" (1946) with Michèle Morgan and Pierre Blanchar (Grand Prix at the Cannes festival), "Les jeux sont faits" with Howard Vernon and Charles Dullin (1947 - Grand Prix at the Berlin festival), "Notre-Dame de Paris" (1956) with Anthony Quinn, Alain Cuny and Gina LolloBrigida, the "Maigret" films of course, with Jean Gabin, not forgetting "Dieu a besoin des hommes" (1950) with Pierre Fresnay...

"The exceptional quality of your painting has made me decide to embark on a film drawing its inspiration from the originality of your work and aspects of your own life. For me, it will be the, consecration of my long career"

"Your work has run through me like a sword of fire and grace" .

A sincere friendship is born between these two creative artists :

"Each new day spent in contact with you brings me ever greater joy and enthusiasm. My twilight years are transformed into a new dawn". (Jean Delannoy, 24th October - 19th November 1987).

But, given his situation and the state of his health, Yatridès will not be able to take the decision.


Tireless and disinterested organizer, with a passion for all facets of pictorial art since his youth, he organizes such international meetings as the Canada-France International Biennial in 1988, bringing together 170 artists from 35 different countries. Jean-François Echegut's modesty prevented him from emphasizing the massive scale of this historic international event; 170 artists flown to Canada in a Boeing specially chartered by him, followed by a sea container of 30 cubic metres holding more than 1000 works, notably those of Cocteau, Chagall, Matisse, Bonnard, Kandinsky, Léger, Goerg, A. Lhot, Picasso...

Yatridès, Grand Invité d'Honneur (Chief Guest of Honour) was not able to be present only reproductions of his work were displayed.

Despite that, in the other International Biennials, Yatridès, true to his chosen path, will remain the Master Guest of Honour and prestigious catalogues are devoted to him.

Important note :  Jean Delannoy and Marcel Carné, famed French film-Makers are mentioned in this page. 

Since we are speaking about famous French films-Makers, movie Directors, we have to cite : 

Jean-Jacques Annaud, Allégret, Philippe Arthuys, Olivier Assayas, Josiane Balasko, Bartabas, Jacques Becker, Jean-Jacques Beineix, Claude Berri, Luc Besson, Jean-Pierre Blanc, Bertrand Blier, Marcel Bluwal, Yves Boisset, Bernard Borderie, Jean Boyer, Robert Bresson, Philippe de Broca, Luis Bunuel, Robert Bresson, Luis Bunuel, Jane Campion, ChabatChristian Carion, Marcel Carné, André Cayatte, Francis Cazeneuve, Alain Chabat, Claude Chabrol, Christian de Chalonge, Etienne Chatiliez, Patrice Chereau , René Clair, Cédric Klapisch, René Clément, Henri-Georges Clouzot, Jean Cocteau, Alain Corneau, Costa-Gavras, Louis Daquin, Jules Dassin, Henri Decoin, Jean Delannoy, Jacques Demy, Derry, Arnaud Desplechin, Michel Deville, Jacques Doillon, Dupeyron, Julien Duvivier, Robert Enrico, J. Eustache, Jean Faurez, Pascale Ferran, Laurence Ferreira, Feyder, Georges Franju, Christopher Gans, Tony Gatlif, Jean-Luc Godard, Gilles Grangier, Romain Goupil, Jean Gremillon, Guitry, Philippe Harel, Robert Hossein, Christian-Jaque, André Hunebelle, Henri Jeanson, Amos Kolek, Gérard Krawczyk, Krysztof Kieslowski, Maurice Labro, Georges Lampin, Georges Lautner, Gérard Lauzier, Jean-Pierre Léaud, Guy Lefranc, Claude Lelouch, Marcel l'Herbier, Jacques Maillot, Louis Malle, Melville, Agnès Merlet, Claude Miller, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Edouard Molinaro, Bruno Nuytten, Marcel Ophuls, Francis Ozon, Gérard Oury, Pagnol, Maurice Pialat, Lucian Pintilié, Jean-Marie Poiré, Roman Polanski, Pierre Prévert, J-P Rappeneau, Alain Resnais, Renoir, Jacques Rivette, Yves Robert, Eric Rochant, Eric Rohmer, Victor Saville, J.-P. Sauné, Coline Serreau, Mathieu Simonet, J.F. Stevenin, Jacques Tati, Bertrand Tavernier, Pierre Tchernia, François Truffaut, Roger Vadim, Agnès Varda, Henri Verneuil, Marion Vernoux, Daniel Vigne, Vigo, Christian Vincent, Jean Yanne, Wargnier, Claude Zidi, Andrzej Zulawski. Impossible to name all of them despite we appreciate their worth. 

But how to forget the genius of Hollywood and New York cinema. They made and make admirable movies, notably the ones that realized the Veterans, Elders and Precursors, stimulating a lot of great new talents with their films, characters, manners, situation, comic or musical comedies. (Movies Directors for fantastical or science-fiction admirable films are cited in www.yatrides.com) 

Vous pay tribute to    : 

Jim Abrahams, Percy Aldon, Robert Aldrich, James Algar, Michael Almeyreda, Robert Altman, Woody Allen, Jon Amiel, Ken Anakin, Michael Anderson, Wes Anderson, Thomas Paul Anderson, Predrag Antonijevic, Michael Apted, Samuel Armstrong, Dan Aykroyd, LLoyd Bacon, John Badham, Klaus Badelt, Graham Baker, Antonio Banderas, Norberto Barba, A. Bartkowiak, G. Beaumont, Harry Beaumont, Harold Becker, Bruce Beresford, Andrew Bergman, Kathryn Bigelow, William Bindley, Larry Bishop, Noel Black, Jamie Blanks, Jeff Bleckner, Sergei Bodrov, Peter Bogdanovich, P. Bonerz, John Boorman, Frank Borzage, John Bowman, Boyle, Tim Boxel, Red Braddock, Keneth Branagh, Gaetan Brizzi, Paul Brizzi, Richard Brooks, Clarence Brown, Broyles, Tod Browning, Tony Bui, Edward Burns, Jeff Burr, Tim Burton, David Butler, John Byrum, James Cagney, Michael Caton Jones, Peter Chan, Christopher Cain, James Cain, Martin Campbell, Frank Cappello, Frank Capra, Thomas Carter, John Cassavetes, Nick Cassavetes, Eliot Christopher, Michael Cimino, Ron Clements, Graeme Clifford, R. Clouse, Kevin Connor, Conway, Roger Corman, George Cukor,Don Chaffey, Charlie Chaplin, Edward Dmytryk, Stacy Cochran, Ethan Cohen, Joel Cohen, Robert Cohen, John David Coles, Jack Conway, Marthe Coolidge, Francis Ford Coppola, Roger Corman, Michael Corrente, Wes Craven, Michael Crichton, Cameron Crowe, George Cukor, Rusty Cundleff, Michael Curtiz, Rod Daniel, John Dahl, Donnie Darko, Martin Davidson, Andrew Davis, Jan De Bont, Jales Dearden, Cecil B. De Mille, Frank Darabont, Delmer Daves, Andrew Davis, Fred Dekker, Walt Disney, Pete Docter, Roger Donalson, Stanley Donen, Richard Donner, Gordon Douglas, Dmytryk, Lance W. Dreesen, Martin Duffy, Dennis Dugan, Van Dyke, Blake Edwards, Clint Eastwood, Stephen Elliott, Jack Ersgard, James Fargo, Bobby and Peter Farrelly, Abel Ferrara, M. Fiennes, Mike Figgis, David Fincher, Terence Fisher, Robert Flaherty, Richard Fleischer, Victor Fleming, James Foley, John Ford, Milos Forman, Gary Foster, John Frankenheimer, William Friedkin, Gary Graver, Samuel Fuller, Sidney Furie, Fynch, Clide Geronimi, Brian Gibson, Mel Gibson, Stuart Gillard, Terry Gilliam, Eric Goldberg, Alfred E.Green, Davis Guggenheim, Edmund Goulding, James Gray, David W. Griffith, Charlie Haas, Philip Haas, Daniel Haller, Guy Hamilton, Tom Hanks, Curtis Hanson, Harling, James B. Harris, Henry Hataway, Howard Hawks, Stuart Heisler, Paul Henreid, Rowdy Herrington, Amie Heckerling, Rowdy Herrington, Werner Herzog, George Roy Hill, Jack Hill, Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Hoen, Michael Hoffman, PJ. Hogan, Tinnell Hoge, Tobe Hooper, Stephen Hopkins, Denis Hopper, Buddy Van Horn, Hornaday, Ron Howard, Reginald Hudlin, Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes, John Hughes, Pixote Hunt, Gale Ann Hurd, Anjelica Huston, John Huston, Clint Hutchinson, Brian G. Hutton, Thomas Ince, John Irvin, James Ivory, Jerry Jameson, Kevin Jane, Jim Jarmusch, Norman Jewison, Terry Johns, Spike Jonze, Glenn Jordan, Neil Jordan, Phil Jouanou, George Kaczender, Paul Kagan, Jonathan Kaplan, Shekhar Kapur, Karbelnikoff, Laurence Kasdan, Peter Kassowitz, Philip Kaufman, Elia Kazan, James Keach, Buster Keaton, William Keighley, Michael Kenworthy, Lodge H. Kerrigan, Henry King, Takeshi Kitano, Randal Kleiser, Steve Kloves, David Koepp, Amos Kolleck, Andrei Konchalovsky, Kramer, Stanley Kubrick, Roger Kumble, Henry Kuster, Rob Laduca, John Lafia, Richard LaGravenese, John Landis, Fritz Lang, John Lassiter, Charles Laughton, Arnold Laven, David Lean, Ang Lee, Spike Lee, Michael Lehmann, Leonard, Robert Z. Leonard, Mark L. Lester, Mervyn Leroy, Richard Lester, Jeremie Leven, Peter Levin, Barry Levinson, Albert Lewin, Jerry Lewis, Lieberman, Doug Liman, Max Linder, Steven Lisberger, Anatole Litvak, Frank Lloyd, Ken Loach, Joseph Losey, Ernst Lubitsch, Sidney Lumet, Adrian Lyne, Baz Luhrmann, Gustav Machaty, Sharon Maguire, Kelly Makin, Jim McBride, David McCallum, Leo McCarey, Bruce McCulloch, Norman Z. McLeod, Sean McNamara, John McTiernan, David Mamet, Rouben Mamoulian, Robert Mandel, Joseph James Mangold, Mankiewicz, Anthony Mann, Michael Mann, Gary Marshall, George Marshall, Rudolph Maté, Burny Mattinson, Paul Mazursky, Christopher Menaul, Sam Mendes, Nancy Meyers, Lewis Milestone, George Miller, Vincente Minenlli, Anthony Minghella, David Mirkin, Montgomery, Tom Moore, Moorhouse, Alan Moyle, Bill Murray, Kurt Neumann, Mike Newell, Mike Nichols, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Christopher Nolan, Chris Noonan, B.W.L. Norton, Noel Nosseck, Jonathan Nossiter, Philip Noyce, Michael Oblowitz, Pat O'Connor, Max Ophuls, Franck Oz, George Willem Pabot, Alan J. Pakula, Brian De Palma, T. Parker, Gordon Parks, Jonas Pate, Joshua Pate, Sam Peckinpah, Kinton Peeples, Kimberley Peirce, Mario Van Peebles, Arthur Penn, Sean Penn, Peploe, People, R. Pepin, Donald Petrie, Kimberley Peirce, Pitchel, Roman Polanski, Sidney Pollack, George Pollock, Edwin S. Porter, Ted Post, Sally Potter, Frank Powell, Otto Preminger, Elaine Proctor, Rafelson, Brett Ratner, Wolfgang Reiterman, Stewart Raffill, Sam Raimi, Harold Ramis, Irving Rapper, Nicolas Ray, Robert Redford, Carol Reed, Rob Reiner, Ivan Reitman, Wolfgang Reiterman, Norman René, David Reuben, Kevin Reynolds, Richard Rich, Adam Rifkin, Jay Roach, Mark Robson, Al Roach, Tim Robbins, Robert Rodriguez, Charles Rogers, Darell Rooney, Lee Rose, Herbert Ross, Joe Roth, Roy Rowland, Joseph Ruben, Scott Rudin, Alan Rudolph, Wesley Ruggles, Richard Rush, Chuck Russel, David O. Russell, Marc Rydell, Michael Rymer, Richard Sale, Adam Sandler, Mark Sanrich, Gus Van Sant, William Schlamme, John Schlesinger, Völker Schlöndorff, Joel Schumacher, M.Night Shyamalan, Edward Sedgwick, Peter Segal, Richard Shepard, Franklin J. Schaffner, Justine Shapiro, Jim Sharman, Jerry Schatzberg, Shavelson, Ron Shelton, George Sherman, Shoendorffer, Martin Scorsese, Jake Scott, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Suzan Seidelman, Mack Sennett, Don Siegel, Brian Singer, David Silvermann, Robert Siodmak, Douglas Sirk, Victor Sjöström, Shoedsack, Howard Shore, Barbet Shroeder, Joel Schumacher, Shepphird, George Sidney, Brian Singer, John Singleton, Robert Siodmak, Douglas Sirk, Kevin Smith, Mel Smith, Yakin A. Smith, Steven Soderbergh, Barry Sonnenfeld, Penelope Spheeris, Steven Spielberg, Joseph von Sterberg, George Stevens, Steven Spielberg, Sam Spiegel, Roger Spottswoode, Whit Stillman, Matt Stone, Oliver Stone, George Stevens, Eric von Stroheim, John Sturges, Quentin Tarantino, Sam Taylor, R. Thorpe, John Mc Tiernan, Billy Bob Thorton, Dalton Trumbo, Stanley Tucci, Frank Tuttle, Edgar G. Ulmer, Kinka Usher, Gore Verbinski, Paul Verhoeven, Charles Vidor, King Vidor, Rupert Wainwright, Walker, Wallace, Raoul Walsh, Walters, John Waters, Segourney Weaver, Ken Wiederhorn, Paul Weitz, Robert Viene, Orson Welles, Wellman, Simon West, Gene Wilder, Edward D. Wood Jr, Billy Wilder, Wim Winders, William Wyler, Carrol Willard, Owen Wilson, Windust, Robert Wise, William Whitney, John Woo, Sam Wood, Wright, Paul and Chris Weitz, Boaz Yakin, Terence Young, Yukich, Robert Zemmeckis, Howard Zieff, Fred Zinnermann, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, Harald Zwart, Edouard Zwick, Terry Zwigoff. 

(Impossible to name all of them despite their worth we appreciate).

We note again that movies-Directors for fantastical or science-fiction films are cited on "www.yatrides.com" in "His work" : "Yatrides 1960 - Kubrick 1968" 

It is evident that really great creative film-makers and movies directors from other countries are an object of wonder. But we took into account French and American movies-Makers only, because are named Marcel Carné, Jean Delannoy and Stanley Kubrick who've had professional art relations with Yatrides. Concerning Kubrick it appears that he is not the only one great science-fiction film-maker and we are forced to the conclusion that Yatrides's work shows and demonstrates the weakness of Kubrick's sources.bert Zemmeckis, Howard Zieff, Fred Zinnermann, David Zucker, Jerry Zucker, Harald Zwart, Edouard Zwick, Terry Zwigoff. 


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Films, full-length films : YATRIDES's work has fascinated film-makers, movie-directors, semiologists, among the best of our time. 
See in this website "His life" : "Entourage" : in which appear Jean DELANNOY, Marcel CARNE, famed movie Directors, film-Makers 
and in "His Work" : "YATRIDES-KUBRICK".