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Realism and quest

Léonard de Vinci

Léonard de Vinci
La Joconde

LEONARD DE VINCI, an intellect of universal breadth, had sensed better than any other in his era, the possibilities afforded to painting by scientific discoveries. Once the ways in which the human eye perceives had been recognized, it had been the generator of science and painting and had shown him where his objective lay: to set down on the surface of a canvas or other medium, that which the eye sees by means of the play of light and shade, the coloration of the skies, the movement within the landscape, etc... which would already allow the reproduction of the exterior appearance of physical nature or of human nature, to reconstruct in short this simple "reflection" to which the human eye is accustomed.

But as it is a question of an artificial operation, a fiction controlled by pictorial technique, it becomes possible to use this "reflection" as a carrier, and go still further. The pictorial work was thus becoming a privileged material filled with signs that the viewer had to perceive himself in order to go beyond the mere façade of an artificially reconstructed reality. The mission that LEONARDO DA VINCI assigned to painting could not be carried to its conclusion by the master himself, but it was left open to his successors.


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The gist of what YATRIDES said of "The effect produced by a painting" is to grasp the relation established between the painter who uses optical effects controlled by him, and the eyes of the viewer which apprise him of the "object" depicted on the canvas".

Presenting all the coloured elements on the same plane constitutes an act of aggression on the eye. Pictorial fiction consists in reproducing several levels by effects of transparency, opalescence, translucence, opaqueness, perspective and mass on the same flat surface. Thus, through the play of colours, a transparent blue laid on an opaque red is reconstituted by the brain, having received all this information, as purple. Furthermore, the purple, in this case, will be cold. It will be warm if a transparent red is laid over an opaque blue.

The Blue Portrait (The little mute Jewish girl)
65x54 cm, 1954 
Particular collection

The Portrait Screen
65x50 cm, 1980
Private Collection 

Englsh translation by Penelope Hamilton
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