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Naturalistic reality

Le Laminoir
Adolf von Menzel
Le Laminoir
Berlin, National galerie

La gare
La gare

There are various ways of reacting to a new reality like the industrial revolution. One can accept it and glorify it as a testimony to human effort. This is what the naturalistic painter Adolf von MENZEL does with his Laminoir (Rolling mill). This is what the official artists will do in response to the social orders of a Power anxious to raise a Hymn in praise of Work. One can be sublimely unaware of it, or flee from it, as did the impressionist painters. In Edouard MANET 's "La Gare de St Lazare" (The St Lazare Railway Station), the train is missing like "l'Arlésienne" (The Woman from Arles) in BIZET 's opera. It is replaced in derisory manner by the elation of a middle-class escapist dream seen through the steam of a locomotive hidden in the wings.

In  YATRIDES '   work,  subjects  appear  precise,  and  transfigured.

Hommage à Breughel,
Hommage à Breughel 73x100 cm, 1973 
Private Collection

Nu au sèche cheveux
Hair dryer for a nude, 65x81 cm, 1959
Particular Collection

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