R A P H A E L 

The Sixtine Madonna
( Homage to the divine )

Madone Sixtine, 265x196 cm
Gemälde galerie - Dresde

In 1796, during their stay in Dresden, WACKENRODER and TIECK gaze upon the Sistine Madonna and decide to paint the "Fantaisies sur 1'Art" , that I mentioned in the first chapter. Two years later, the picture gallery is taken over by the brothers SCHIEGEL who hold their meetings there, in company with NOVALIS, SCHELLING and others. This results in the composition of the Dialogue sur la Peinture (Dialogue on Painting) (Gemälde Gesprächt). The study of the "Sistine Madonna" has an important place therein.

The cult of RAPHAEL 's  Madonna then spreads throughout the whole of cultivated Europe. Dresden becomes an obligatory stopping place. The visitor comes neither to judge the painting in accordance with aesthetic criteria, contested since classical rules have been challenged, nor to study it from a "technical" point of view. He approaches it with feeling and respect. He will have to observe himself, analyse his own impressions, measure the intensity of the rapport between his own self and the canvas of the divine RAPHAEL.

This painting is in no way a static revelation of the "mystery of the heavens". It tells of the moment when the Madonna, carrying the God made man, crosses the boundary between the two universes, an impassable gulf for the mortal being. She crosses it with the lightness of a celestial being, but her expression is infinitely grave, conscious of the fearsome future that awaits her son. In her eyes one reads her terror in the face of the inescapable, her sadness, her fears for her child, and yet, she does not pause at the threshold of the Earth. She offers to humankind what she holds most dear, her son: "Receive him, he is ready to accept mortal sufferings for you".

Professeur Sacha BOURMEYSTER Professor, Semiologist '  analysis - University Grenoble III 

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Le supplicié à l'astre, 73x116 cm, 1973
Collection particulière


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