Synchroton project CEA
( Atomic energy commission ) 

Tri-dimensional synthesis adaptation from YATRIDES 's  Painting
"ESSENTIAL VIBRATION" (The Experiment, Final Phase).

The current project was proposed in 1986, within the framework of the "Grenoble Synchrotron" in order to interpret Georges YATRIDES '  work "Essential Vibration" in accordance with a three-dimensional synthesis. For this reason the monumental dimensions chosen allow two interpretations :

An artistic interpretation.
An architectural interpretation, where the function becomes the link between these two approaches.

The whole is defined through two fundamental elements :

The statue "The standing man"
The truncated pyramids.

The bifaced and stooping statue remains the focal point of the project. The application of a metallic finish reinforces the idea of power and controlled force. Its indicative height is of at least 460 metres and thus illustrates the gigantic proportions of the monumental pose. The building reflected in the double face of the standing man constitutes his continuation and his curved mass, thus characterizing a sculptural monobloc. The function ascribed to this building is that of the administrative section of the Synchrotron established in the YATRIDES '  Complex. The truncated pyramids - the supporting area, are designated for festive and recreational activities. The whole of the development (about 2,700 square metres) is specifically adapted for the creation of an original media communication tool :
Symposium and conference area, to provide an integrated working environment for meetings between The National Centre for Scientific Research (C.N.R.S.), The University and The Grenoble Centre for Nuclear Studies (C.E.N.G.)
Recreational areas; gymnasia, ground floor swimming pool.
Communication areas; development of the sciences of the future.

The sphere and the cupel will be devoted to scientific pursuits; researchers will be free to use them as their needs dictate. The layout of theYATRIDES ' complex will be structured by various axes of routes and walkways, allowing movement in and around the project. These zones will afford temporary sites for communicative activities (concerts on the lawns, outdoor thematic exhibitions). The chosen surroundings and aspect have been defined in accordance with a concept of openness, where the standing man is presented as a sign, a symbol and a point of reference consistent with the role of the "Synchrotron" site.
The mood of the selected work :
Man, having mastered Matter (Essential vibration) reaches a stage of mystical concern about his destiny.

This very process implies a bringing together of the various contributing factors of the Synchrotron (mastery of both the work and the construction), in order that the artistic as well as the architectural elements of the current project form a perfect synthesis.


In view of the specified orientation and perspective, it appears that the possible uses of the constructions are extensive. As a linking of the Arts and Sciences, as well as an image of man's power, their functions vary in accordance with the interpretation of the work. Within the artistic and scientific framework, it will be possible to integrate areas devoted to the new technologies (robotics, computer science, holography, basic research).

And by means of thematic exhibitions, seminars, reception areas, auditoriums, thus strengthening Grenoble's image as a prospective metropolis, open to the sciences of the future. The sculpture will then take on its true dimensions as an original communication tool at the technical and media levels through the embodiment of man's force.

A sports programme can be developed: training rooms, swimming pool incorporated in the pyramids, specific organization of exterior space.

Political upheavals in the town have brought this project to a halt.
Georges Yatrides
Tri-dimensional synthesis complex 
adaptation from "Essential vibration " painting 


Englsh translation by Penelope Hamilton
(yatridès and his century)

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