Work as Art - Work as Decor
( Rigour objecting to dismemberment )

Las Meninas, 318x276 cm, 1656 
Musée du Prado - Madrid

Pablo Picasso
Les Ménines, 161x129 cm
Musée Picasso - Barcelone

PICASSO uses various elements from VELASQUEZ's celebrated painting "Las Meninas" (Young Ladies of the Court) in forty-four "studies". This could constitute a fascinating analysis of VELASQUEZ's work and would lend itself well to such an undertaking. Let us refer to the first chapter "Les Suivantes" (The Ladies' Maids) of Michel FOUCALT 's work, "Les mots et les choses" (Words and Things). The author sets great store by examining the relationships established between the individuals inside and outside of the painting : between the Portrait of VELASQUEZ and the painter VELASQUEZ, the couple, Philippe IV and his spouse reflected in the mirror in the background of the painting, and the individuals presented in the foreground, between the spectators and the canvas turned to the wall, etc... The complexity of these relationships allows him to give prominence to the function of classical representation as being pure representation.

M. ALPOTOV, a Soviet critic specifies: "It seems that we are acceding to an ever higher degree of reality, but we never attain the absolute".

The prodigious montage effected by VELASQUEZ fascinates us by its clarity. What has PICASSO drawn from it? A game of variations whereby he enhances "simplistic qualities through simplistic processes"  to quote YATRIDES '  words. He became interested in VELASQUEZ '  work, repudiated it, dismembered it, and then like a child, become weary of taking a toy to pieces, he moves on, leaving trailing behind him a heap of spare parts, devoid of meaning, transformed into decorative elements.

The  fundamental  difference  between  a  YATRIDES  and  a  PICASSO, is that the  first  depicts  clearly  what  he  has  discovered  and  the  second  seeks  to  depict  it,  and  finds  in  this  seeking, this improvisation, this dialogue with a public astonished by his successive "strokes of inspiration" (for example his FORTY-FOUR "Las Meninas VELASQUEZ DISMANTLINGS", groping around a lot without real distinctive results), the very "raison d'être" of his art.

Christ, Leica et orange
92x73 cm, 1963
Collection privée

Le nu à l'astre
72x110 cm,2008
Collection particuliere
Englsh translation by Penelope Hamilton
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