Ezechiel 89x116 cm, 1978
Private collection

The reflection of religious inspiration ?  Is YATRIDES, a painter inspired by the Revelation and his work, seeking a new Apocalypse ?   This is an appropriate occasion to consider the works presented. Neither Dragons, nor Horsemen, nor Angel-figures, nor Babylon, nor New Jerusalem, nor curses, blessings, rewards, punishments, portents or mysterious symbols... One could continue to fill pages listing those creatures and objects, traditionally linked to the subject evoked which do not figure in YATRIDES '  work.

And yet, in his paintings, an apocalyptic atmosphere prevails. A compelling inspiration pervades them. They are marked by an invisible presence. It is not the titles alone :   "And Death Shall be No More", "Ezekiel", "Fisher of Men", "The Arcades or The Pavilion of God", that give rise to this conviction. A cross, a crucified man, a loaf, a small boat - this is more or less what the painter's specifically religious elements amount to. So where does this intense impression of transcendence come from that one immediately feels, and that no error of composition, no inappropriate detail will disturb ?

  • It is that we are entering a pictorial universe which completely breaks away from the expressive styles elaborated by painters up until now, notably by those of our own century, from impressionists to abstract painters. A style of painting that presents a different perception.

Could it be that the author of "The Kingdom of God" is the long-awaited painter ?  The one who, through his work, would finally herald the return to Figurative Art ? No, he is realistic.

George YATRIDES is certainly a realistic painter. He invites us to enter a perfectly real universe. We can have confidence in him. Indeed we must have, completely and in all innocence, for the painter does not seek to shy away, or to exploit our credulity in order to surprise or mystify us in the manner of a SALVADOR DALI or a MAGRITTE.

But let us nevertheless be warned :  nothing in his canvases allows us to say, this is a landscape, a portrait or a still life, nothing, despite the appearances.

Fisher of Men 89x130 cm, 1978
Private collection


Englsh translation by Penelope Hamilton
yatrides@wanadoo.fr (yatridès and his century)

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